Thanks (for) a million for Valley Manor redevelopment

The following media release was received April 14 from St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation:

Thanks to the generosity of its incredible donors and volunteers, and the proceeds from the wildly popular Catch the Ace lottery, the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation is extremely pleased to announce that it has raised $1 Million, which will help bring a new long-term care home in Barry’s Bay to fruition. Above Manor residents show their appreciation. Photo submitted.

“We are so appreciative by the level of support the community has shown to the Valley Manor Redevelopment Campaign these past few years,” SFVH Foundation Executive Director Erin Gienow said. “In true small-town fashion, our community has rallied behind this campaign. We are thrilled to have been able to double our fundraising goal and bring in additional funds for this incredibly important project. Thank you to one and all for your many gifts of support and for stepping up to the plate to ensure that our local Manor residents have the care they require close to home.”

The Valley Manor long-term care home has been an integral part of the community since it first opened its doors in 1978. Despite some modifications and changes, the Manor was not built to provide the accommodations and supports that the current residents need. After careful and considerable planning, a new long-term care home is being developed that will include the addition of 6 new beds to the 90 currently available.

Foundation Board Chair Karen Tierney is thrilled to wrap up the campaign on such a positive note.  “This achievement could not have happened without the amazing support and commitment of so many people.  Thank you to the Campaign Team who worked under the leadership of the Foundation’s former Executive Director, Toni Lavigne-Conway. Thank you to all the volunteers, Valley Manor staff, our donors and the community.  Your support is heartwarming and appreciated.”

Valley Manor Board Chair Kathy Marion is thankful for everyone in the community who contributed towards redevelopment efforts. “In its quest to advance health care in our community, the St. Francis Healthcare Foundation has been an engine of growth and optimism in its vision for future care of people in our region,” Marion said. “I am profoundly grateful to those determined and committed staff and community members who worked so hard to make events such as Catch the Ace a huge success. Because of this, and the generosity of many donors, the Valley Manor Redevelopment Fund has surpassed the incredible milestone of one million dollars! The future redevelopment of the Manor is bright thanks to the wonderful people in our community.” Above are members of the Catch The Ace team. Photo submitted.

Although the community fundraising phase of the redevelopment campaign has come to an end, the Foundation will continue accepting donations designated towards the Valley Manor Building Fund. The Foundation looks forward to celebrating and thanking everyone in person at a future date. There are also plans for a formal recognition program when the build is complete.

Valley Manor CEO Trisha DesLaurier is looking forward to seeing the project progress and extends her appreciation to everyone involved with the campaign.  “An exciting next step in the project is the demolition of the former Sherwood Public School, where the new home will be built.  Plans are currently underway and we are optimistic that the demolition process will start this Summer 2021.  I personally commend everyone involved with the Foundation which includes staff and the volunteers that contributed to the success of the campaign for Valley Manor Redevelopment.  It is with heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone in the community that has donated money and time to raise funds for our project.  What an incredible community!”

Planning for the Foundation’s next major fundraising campaign, the St Francis Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department redevelopment, is now underway.

Gienow,E.(2021,Apr.14) SFVH Foundation raises $1 Million for Valley Manor Redevelopment [media release]

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