Valley network seeks volunteers to aid displaced Ukrainians

The following media release was circulated by Local Immigration Partnership – Lanark & Renfrew:

Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) – Lanark & Renfrew has partnered with Ukrainian Diaspora Support Canada (UADSC) to help create a response network for displaced Ukrainians across the Ottawa Valley.

The UADSC, a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization, is critical as it works to bring many fleeing Ukrainians to our country. This initiative, based in Carleton Place, ON, aligns well with the strategic priorities of our organization in strengthening the role of local communities across Lanark and Renfrew Counties, in Ontario, in integrating and serving our newcomer population. More than 11 million Ukrainians have been displaced from their homes, over 5 million of which have fled the country and are seeking aid from the international community. Currently, there are 416 displaced Ukrainian families are on the UADSC list, and 45 Ukrainians have been successfully rehomed.

While UADSC focuses on Visa applications, matching displaced Ukrainians with their future communities, and transportation to new communities, LIP – Lanark & Renfrew is working to grow the network of volunteers who will help welcome our new neighbours to the area. “We have so many volunteer roles to fill, including family home hosts, those willing to help raise funds to pay for flights and settlement funds, volunteers who can speak Ukrainian or Russian or willing to help with English as a Second Language support, donation hubs for physical items, doctors and healthcare providers who can assess our new neighbours until they have access to OHIP, those willing to help with transportation to appointments, and employers willing to hire newly landed Ukrainians who are eligible to work immediately,” says Jodi Bucholtz, Manager of Local Immigration Partnerships-Lanark & Renfrew.

“By having an established response network in each community across Lanark and Renfrew Counties, we will know that there is a support network ready and waiting to jump to action when they are called upon,” adds Zack Nethery, Director, UADSC.

UADSC was born out of necessity. “Our first goal was to help one family flee the warzone in Ukraine. This family was our very own. After calling to the community for help, we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. We rolled that support into an initiative working to bring as many fleeing Ukrainians to our beautiful country as possible,” continues Mariia Mokrushyna, Director, UADSC.

Learn more about this initiative, signup as a volunteer, open your home or offer employment by visiting Local Immigration Partnerships are funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a department of the Government of Canada, and support communities in bringing together service providers, settlement agencies, community groups, employers, municipalities, and other key organizations to create a welcoming and inclusive community for newcomers. In Lanark and Renfrew Counties, the work of Local Immigration Partnership is administered by Algonquin College’s Pembroke Campus.

Bucholtz,J.,Local Immigration Partnership – Lanark & Renfrew(2022,May2) Local Immigration Partnership – Lanark & Renfrew has Partnered with Ukrainian Diaspora Support Canada (UADSC) to Create Volunteer Response Network [media release]

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  1. Now hear this. It is a $25,000 fine if you allow a Ukraine family or person on your land in a home trailer in Madawaska Valley Township. I was issued a paper warning not to do this. If you even have a visiting relative or friend, they will send in the Municipal Police to give you a fine and kick your people out on the street. Wow, how hateful is this bi-law to us taxpayers living here. I thought that in this township with many Polish people living here, the Mayor and Council would be more caring for people in need like they are in Poland. This bylaw sounds more like we are living in Nazi Germany or Russia now. Maybe we need to get all good Churchgoers together and protest this evil and inhumane bylaw. What do you think?

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