Confrontation continues at MV committee meeting

A clash between Councillors Maika (shown at left)Elser-Lee-Archer-F&A-Comm-Feb-28-2018 and Archer (shown at right) that started at the Feb. 20 Regular Council meeting re-ignited with a vengeance at the Finance & Administration Committee meeting on Feb. 28. At the earlier meeting Mayor Love, in proposing Councillor Maika as a member of the Township’s negotiating committee concerning the future of the Railway Station, said,

If she is happy with it, then I know it is not going to be an issue at council.

Councillor Archer responded,

I would like to object because I don’t think we make decisions based on whether Councillor Maika is happy.

At Wednesday’s Finance & Administration Committee meeting during a discussion about a rental rebate at the Combermere Community Centre, the Mayor lost control of the meeting when the two councillors engaged in a shouting match which lasted for several minutes.

At one point Councillor Archer leaned forward and directed comments to the press in attendance saying,

And you know what? Last week I was at a meeting, and I hope you guys print this, I was at a Council meeting, the last meeting, and our Mayor said we have to keep Shelley happy.

Councillor Bromwich, in order to defuse the situation, proposed a five-minute break which was agreed to. After the break, the meeting proceeded in an orderly manner.


  1. Bren

    “We have to keep Shelley happy” is a ridiculous comment for our Mayor to make.
    Perhaps they both need to go!!!
    How about this, “We have to keep the taxpayer’s happy”
    I am not knowledgeable in politics nor do I desire to be, however, when I read stuff like the above story it anger’s me that people like Love and Maika are part of a council that is in charge of running our community.
    Does Shelley have some kind of hold over the Mayor?

  2. Linda Neuman

    The job of our council is to work together not allow one councillor to control issues. The Mayor has the right to ask anyone who is impeding progress and being difficult, to leave the room. Please, Mayor Love, use your power and make things happen!

  3. Carol Burnett

    I have been absorbing all that the MV Current has to offer and have enjoyed the various topics written by some very talented people. For my own sanity, I have not commented on the toxic situation that is our MV Council but after reading this article, I have to say that Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf came to mind. Is this what it has come to “keeping Shelley happy”??? Why is the Mayor allowing these meetings to get out of hand ? Is one Councillor now running the entire township? What to do? What to do? Please everyone, remember that this toxic situation will not change until we clean house. Thank you for listening.

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