Mayor promises statement about CAO

Mayor Kim Love opened the Feb. 28 Finance & Administration Committee meeting with the following statement:

Mr. Robertson is no longer with the municipality. I will be providing an update to the citizens and taxpayers of the Madawaska Valley at the Regular Council meeting on March 5th. Until then, I have no comment.

At the Special Council meeting immediately preceding the Finance & Administration Committee meeting, Council had passed a By-Law appointing Gwen Dombroski, Executive Assistant/Communications Coordinator, as the Acting Clerk of the municipality until such time as a Chief Administrative Officer and a Clerk are appointed. Dombroski was also appointed the municipality’s Administrator for freedom of information requests.

During the subsequent Finance & Administration Committee meeting, there was a discussion of the recruitment process to fill the vacancy for CAO/Clerk during which Councillor Elser Lee Archer said,

I will just make a statement that I’m abstaining from this vote around CAO/Clerk until which time we get the legal feedback we’re expecting on the 5th of March.

The Committee agreed on an initial recruitment process for CAO/Clerk. In addition to Archer, Councillor Bromwich appeared not to vote on the motion.

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