Green Lake resident concerned about Chippawa development

Heron (Photo: Harrison Haines)

To The Editor,

I’m writing in response to your article about the proposed development of Chippawa Lodge in the March 26, 2018 issue. My husband and I retired to Green Lake, so we will be directly affected by this subdivision. 54 homes on 198 acres is way, way too many houses in a small area.

Green Lake is a land-locked lake, pristine and thriving with wild life — never mind the amount of trees they will need to cut down. This proposed development will definitely affect the environment of Green Lake, Labrador Lake, Madawaska River, Kamaniskeg Lake and Blackfish Bay. 54 homes, 54 boats, 54 cars, never mind any visitors. I know we have to expect development, but all in one area? Let’s not overbuild and let tax money blur our visions. Look at the big picture here.

For additional information and notification of decision you must write Charles Cheesman, MCIP, RPP, Manager of Planning Services, Development and Property Department, County of Renfrew, 9 International Drive, Pembroke, Ontario K8A 6W5.

Let’s keep Madawaska Valley beautiful.


Sue Wade

Barry’s Bay


  1. Derek Heyworth

    I agree with you 100%. The proposed density for the Green Lake and Madawaska River development is too much. Though it will likely drive the property values up for residents in the area (like myself), at what cost to the serenity of the area?
    Additionally, I’m already bothered by the speed at which some people drive down Chippawa and Tamarack roads; more traffic will definitely equal more close calls.

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