Madonna House annual Heritage Fest

Families enjoy the puppet show

Madonna House hosted its annual Heritage Fest on Labour Day weekend. Visitors of all ages enjoyed live music, puppetry and demonstrations of traditional crafts practised by members of the Madonna House community. The Gift Shop. Art Gallery and Book Shop were open and proceeds from sales went to support the poor around the world.

As always the demonstrations from the Madonna House Pioneer Museum were popular.

Above video shows Ella Baklinski helps Teresa Reilander with the laundry by operating the wringer.

Craft demonstrations

Although their wood-fired kiln has an enclosed fire, Madonna House potters did not fire it during this summer’s Total Fire Ban as they did not want any neighbours alarmed by smoke from the kiln. They displayed the results of the kiln’s sixth-ever firing at Heritage Fest.


Clockwise from top left: Heritage Fest visitors fascinated by pottery wheel demonstration, wares from sixth firing of kiln, Raandi King explains kiln temperatures in the wares chamber to visitors.



Above from top left: Demonstrations in St. Raphael’s Craft Centre included paper marbelling, metalwork and feltmaking. Outside John and Leah Timinski from Aylmer PQ examined the observation bee hive.

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