Students’ Christmas card fundraiser to benefit women’s shelter

The Student Activities Council (SAC) at Madawaska Valley District High School (MVDHS) and Sherwood School have started to collaborate on all fundraising activities. SAC is now made up of seventeen high school students and three Sherwood students. This is our first year combining forces with Sherwood and it’s going great!

The SAC’s first project is a Christmas Card fundraiser. The Christmas cards are all drawn by students at the high school and will be printed locally. Half of the profits from card sales will benefit the Bernadette McCann House women’s shelter in Pembroke.

The SAC mandate

Our overall goal as council is to ensure families in our MVDHS community have the best possible experience they can while being a part of our school. We do our best to provide a lot of things from extracurriculars like dances, sports days and pep rallies to things like having game shows in our cafeteria, running social media channels for our school and fundraising for what students/parents want to see at MV. Giving back to the community is super important to us as well so we always have some kind of fundraiser on the go. SAC receives a bit of money each year to operate but most of our funds come from fundraising, dances, etc.


Some SAC members (from left) Julia Beggs, Megan Phanenhour, Emma Klawitter, Ryan Sommes, Sofie Paget, Madison Fabian, Brooke-Lyn Lundy, Robyn Dombros  Photo: Maria Ziebarth

SAC structure

Right now our president is Brooke-Lyn Lundy, who was voted into that position at the end of the last school year. Emma Klawitter is our student senate representative and goes to meetings with Brooke-Lyn as a voice on behalf of our council. We are also lucky to have Sean McCloskey who is Renfrew County District School Board’s student trustee and is also OSTA AECO’s (Ontario Student Trustees Association) public board council vice president. The rest of us are divided into roles like minister of public relations or minister of arts. Sitting in with the students is teacher Melissa Penner.

To order Christmas cards, or for further information regarding SAC, readers can contact Julia Beggs via email:

About the author: Julia Beggs ia a grade 11 student at MVDHS. This is her second year on SAC and she serves as Minister of Public Relations. Julia looks forward to all of their future fundraisers, activities and events that will continue to connect MVDHS to our amazing community. When she’s not doing something for her school you can find her drawing, reading or planning children’s programs for the Madawaska Valley Public Library.


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