CAO trains councillors at the train station

CAO/Clerk Sue Klatt used yesterday’s Hallowe’en celebrations at the Railway Station to ensure that some members of the incoming Council brushed up on their catering skills before taking the oath of office next month. Councillor Carl Bromwich admitted to The Current that despite years of serving hotdogs he had no idea they could be presented to trick-or-treaters in the shape of spiders (Above photo shows Klatt displaying a spidey hotdog). Councillor-elect David Shulist accompanied Bromwich at the training session and appeared impressed by the homemade mustard and relish on offer.


Carl Bromwich (L), Dave Shulist, Sue Klatt

When asked about their costumes, Shulist replied,

We’re Councillors.

Bromwich added,

We’re scary enough.

The three, along with Recreation and Community Development Coordinator Stephanie Plebon, served treats to children for several hours and were joined by other members of council during the event.

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