MV Council Clips from Nov. 19 meeting

Members of the Madawaska Valley 2014-18 Council attended their final Regular Council meeting of their term on November 19.

Third Reading passed of By-Law 2018-108: Little Bark Bay Subdivision Agreement

CAO Suzanne Klatt and Planning Officer Silas Lorbetskie reported on the progress of this development. Klatt told Council that certain provisos were added in the Subdivision Agreement to ensure that the municipality will cover all terms with the Condominium Agreement. She said a meeting of all parties would be held before the end of December including the municipality’s solicitor, the applicant’s solicitor, County of Renfrew planner to ensure the few remaining items were properly covered in the Condominium Agreement. She also said the applicant had agreed to these changes and delivered plans to County, which would be reviewed by the municipal engineer. Council passed the By-Law at Third Reading with the proviso that all parties meet to review before the Condominium Agreement comes before Council. Councillor Archer observed that the provisions allow for changes to single clauses that do not affect the balance of the agreement, so there was really nothing lost by providing the Third Reading.

Legal update still pending

CAO Klatt reported that she did not receive all permissions under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) before the meeting. She had hoped to provide Council with the legal fees summary by category as promised on Nov. 5. Since then she had received ten pieces of correspondence regarding the Public Question period at the last Council meeting, including from individuals who have filed a complaint that they received letters challenging the right to ask a question during public period, questions about the Integrity Commissioner’s costs and challenging costs, asking for a review. She said that not only did the 2017 legal fees expenses of $100,000 exceed the $20,000 budgeted amount but that the Township was also over budget for the 2018 financial year. She asked for and received Council’s approval to delay bringing back a final categorized summary of the overages until she could do both years at one time.

Mayor Love thanks 2014-18 Council, volunteers and municipal staff


The next meeting on Dec.3 will be the inaugural meeting that marks the beginning of the next term of Council. Mayor Love thanked this Council, the volunteer Committee members, and municipal staff, for making it possible to tackle and accomplish so many things over the past four years. (See above list.) She said all of this was accomplished with a tax increase of less than five percent over the four-years of this Council’s term. Mayor Love said,

On behalf of council and municipal staff I would like to thank Councillor Archer and Councillor Maika for their hard work, passion, contribution and service to our community during this term and wish you both every success in your future endeavours.

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