MV Council to adopt new governance structure

The Township of Madawaska Valley held the inaugural meeting of its new Council on December 3, 2018. CAO/Clerk Suzanne Klatt opened the meeting and presided over the Invocation as Mayor Kim Love and each newly-elected member of Council in turn swore the oath of office, signed the confirming documents and shook hands with CAO Klatt. In her address, Mayor Love pointed out that the new Council collectively brought over 48 years of council experience to the table and expressed enthusiasm about working with them in the best interests of the community.



Members of Council take oath of office (from left): Kim Love, Mark Willmer, David Shulist, Ernie Peplinski, Carl Bromwich assisted by CAO/Clerk Suzanne Klatt

The new Council directed CAO Klatt to amend the relevant by-laws to create a Committee of the Whole structure to take effect at the Council meeting of January 8, 2019. Council will hold a closed Special Council meeting at 9 a.m. on December 11 for training purposes pertaining to the Code of Conduct and Procedural By-Law review. CAO Klatt said,

Financial implications of Committee of the Whole will result in cost savings. It will not require separate agendas or meeting dates for each … committee to report to Council and changing the meeting day and time will save on overtime costs and bring efficiencies to the table.

The meeting was attended by the partners or spouses of all members of Council, and by numerous members of Township staff. After the Invocation of the new Council, a break was called so that all present could mingle and enjoy some cake.

When the meeting reconvened, CAO Klatt reviewed correspondence from Michelle Etmanskie whose contract has recently ended and complimented her on her work for the Township, particularly as Election Assistant.


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