Help sought to reduce illegal dumping

A Valley ratepayer has asked Madawaska Valley Township to consider different methods of waste and recycling collection. The proposal by Wendy Wolak, a Director of the Carson, Trout, Lepine and Greenan Lakes Association (CTLG Lakes), was recently referred to the Public Liaison Committee. They asked that Wolak arrange for CTLG Lakes to conduct a survey of residents in the municipality to see if her suggestion has support. (Full disclosure: The Current’s editor is also a CTLG Lakes director.)

Wolak said,

Untagged bags of garbage left in driveways, illegal dumping, and increased littering along our area’s roadways and in our lakes appears to be becoming more prevalent. My objective is to bring garbage and recycling collection services to rural areas within the Madawaska Valley by examining different alternative strategies such as positioning a waste and recycling truck at specified locations and times throughout the Valley to serve as a drop off for residents. Some of us have to travel more than 18 km one way to a waste site. I believe this inconvenience contributes to the illegal dumping and littering that is happening throughout the Valley.

Residents are asked to complete the 2-minute online survey by August 23. Click HERE to complete the survey now.


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  1. Alex Ostrouchov

    Agree 100%. I am a visitor and at the end of our week at the rented cottage it’s quite difficult to squeeze 2 large garbage bags of trash into the already overflowing car. It would be better to take smaller amounts of trash during the week and dispose of them in BBay on our numerous shopping trips.

  2. Bill Houle

    I have witnessed two incidents lately pertaining to visitors disposing of garbage. I would think a central location in Barry’s Bay well signed would help. It would mean the twsp. Would have to collect it daily for sanitation reasons but a half ton truck and one employee quickly at the end of the day should handle that.

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