Gallant says healthcare cutbacks target soldiers and veterans

“Targeting the healthcare of serving members and veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces is wrong,” stated Cheryl Gallant, Conservative candidate for Garrison Petawawa. “Trudeau was happy to give convicted terrorist Omar Kadhr 10.5 million tax-payer dollars. Now voters know where he got the money.” Above: Canadian Armed Forces veteran, Barry Schimmens, (right) explains to Cheryl Gallant how the Trudeau cuts to service members and veterans will impact their hospital care. (Photo submitted)

The Trudeau party quietly cut healthcare for soldiers and veterans this spring.

“I am sure we can agree our brave women and women in the Canadian Armed Forces make countless sacrifices to protect our country and uphold our democratic values. They deserve our respect and gratitude for keeping us safe. 

“I was surprised and extremely disappointed to learn that the federal government, through the Canadian Armed Forces, is attempting to unilaterally impose a new fee schedule for the delivery of health care to serving members and veterans.

“These changes, which were communicated without consultation, could result in either undue burden on hospitals or, worse yet, military members and veterans being charged to access health care services. Neither of these options are acceptable,” stated Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliot, in a recent letter to the Liberal Minister of National Defence.

Pembroke Regional Hospital, located near the Canadian Forces Base at Petawawa, projects a shortfall of $3.4 million as a result of the change.

“This bad policy must be reversed. Serving military members, veterans, and their families, know I have their back,” stated Cheryl Gallant.

Only by re-electing Cheryl Gallant will the people in the defence community have a representative with a proven track record of standing up for their rights.


Cheryl Gallant Campaign (2019,Oct.10) Healthcare Cutbacks Target Soldiers and Veterans [media release]


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  1. nat hall

    Of all the parties to talk about who did what to our Forces returning home say WHAT ! Guess she has not read the leaked prov PC plan to privatize Ontario,s Health Care , WE will all be paying then right ? BTW are you even running Cheryl must be worried with the vote split in a small community eh !

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