Update: new access to MV Food Bank

Madawaska Valley Food Bank held its first session at 8 Martin Street, Barry’s Bay on July 12. Car access by Food Bank clients was complicated by the weekly delivery to the back of the LCBO located across from the Food Bank. In order to alleviate traffic and to avoid blocking access to other addresses on Martin Street, MV Food Bank has obtained permission to use a nearby parking lot for client access at future Food Bank sessions. 

Food Bank volunteer Terry Newcombe explained, “We’re still using the ‘drive-through’ method of serving clients in their cars, but we no longer have a convenient church parking lot beside us for the car line-up. Last week we tried having the line-up on the opposite side of [Martin] Street, facing Opeongo Line. But as luck would have it, Tuesday mornings are when the LCBO delivery truck unloads, blocking Martin St. We tried lining up the cars on our side of the street, facing the wrong way and off the road, but that blocked the dentist’s parking lot. Snookered.”

Solution: Please use Dunn Street access to MV Food Bank

Food Bank clients are asked to enter the parking lot on Dunn Street behind Afelskie’s Shoes (between Afelskie’s and the Ear Depot). The car park entrance is on the north side of Dunn Street and Food Bank volunteers will be there to set out pylons and to guide you. (See arrows in photo above and street map view below). Food Bank session hours continue to be the normal 9:30-11:30 a.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. The next session is on Tuesday, July 28.

For more information, please email mvfoodbank@gmail.com

MV Food Bank access via Dunn St. parking lot (image supplied)





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