Crowded schools are unsafe says reader

Dear editor:

If people at private parties did what students and teachers are being forced to do by Premier Ford, they could be fined $10,000. Forcing students, teachers and workers into crowded classrooms and schools is unsafe, wrong and asking for trouble. Most people wouldn’t go to a store or sit on a bus where they had to be as close to strangers for just a few minutes as our kids, teachers, and school workers have to be all day long. Covid is popping up in schools across the province.

It was wrong to open the schools without a better plan for keeping everyone safe. It won’t be long before this mistake grows out of control, forcing all schools to simply shut down – and send a lot of people home sick.

The Ford government should call a ceasefire in its war on teachers and schools and do what is needed in the name of public health – reduce class sizes and hire more staff.

Ish Theilheimer

Golden Lake


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