Your input needed for Community Safety and Well-Being plan

Message from the Publisher: As a member of the CSWB advisory group in my capacity as a Director of the Renfrew County Legal Clinic, I have received the following release from Dr. Meara Sullivan who is coordinating this worthwhile project. I urge residents to complete the survey so that we receive their valuable input which will assist in ensuring that their viewpoints are given due consideration.

The municipalities of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan; Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards; Madawaska Valley; and South Algonquin have been working collaboratively to develop and implement a Community Safety and Well-being (CSWB) plan for the region.

The local initiative has successfully completed the first phase which included the establishment of a coordinating committee including CAO/Clerks from each Municipality, the creation of a new multi-sector advisory committee with community partners, and local service providers survey. In order to fully focus on the immediate needs of the COVID-19 pandemic, planning was temporarily suspended in March. It was also agreed that the planning deadline be extended until July 1, 2021.

After several months’ postponement, the initiative is now moving forward, and planners want to hear from you. The second phase of planning focuses upon public consultation. The CSWB Coordinator Dr Meara Sullivan said, “We are excited to hear from community residents. Public consultation is an extremely important part of planning, and is necessary to ensure that the plan reflects the lived experiences and desires of community members.” Dr Sullivan noted, “The primary focus of this survey is on the local area while recognising the need for partnerships across all areas of government.”

 The goals of the community consultation are:

  • To hear how local residents feel about their safety and well-being;
  • To identify risk factors and gaps in services; and
  • To continue to keep the public informed about the CSWB planning, and to obtain their support.

The Community Safety and Well-being survey is now available online. Click HERE. Paper copies are also available through your local municipality, and select libraries. The survey is for adults aged 16 and older, it is voluntary, and anonymous. The survey will run until November 30th. Once all submissions have been received, they  will be collectively analysed, the results will be shared publicly, and will aid in directing the CSWB plan.

If you have any questions or comments on the Community Safety and Well-being planning please contact Meara Sullivan at

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