Some Valley trades condemned for rudeness

A number of local residents have recently used social media to criticize trades for not returning calls, not keeping appointments, and generally showing disdain toward potential customers.

Real estate broker Pat Scott started the ball rolling on October 9th when she posted, “I find it extremely frustrating that our local trades do not at least return calls.  Setting aside 30 minutes a day to do proper customer service goes a long way. I get that everyone is busy, I am too, but I always return calls.  Scratching them off my recommendation list.”

This prompted several other residents to join in, posting comments including:

“Have learned this lesson since moving here for sure. Now I’m never surprised.”

“It definitely is an issue. Returning calls is a key part of business I believe … especially in small communities.”

“The entire Contracting in The Valley Needs a Make Over … I could tell you so much your hair would change colour … Don’t Call Back, Don’t Show.”

“I had to bring a Trade Person in from City for one job … that was a one day job.”

These complaints resonate with me and my wife because of our experience when we built our retirement home here. We were determined to use as many local trades as possible, but were frustrated and disappointed at the lack of courtesy on the part of some of those that we approached. Our construction was delayed because of appointments for site visits that were not kept or promises of quotes that never arrived, etc. When we asked for an explanation from locals, we were told that the reason was that they were probably so busy, they didn’t need our business. That’s all well and good – but at least they could have shown common courtesy by telling us!

Scott told The Current that, “Fifteen months ago we had a contractor come to the house to quote on a job. We accepted the quote, not a big job, around $15,000. After we accepted the quote we never heard from him again. No show or not returning of calls is so typical, it is sad.”

So, for those guilty of this behaviour, you know who you are. Shape up – after all, there may come a day when you may need to go knocking on doors for business.

Editor’s Note: The title of this article was amended to add the word “Some” 12/10/2020 (See discussion below).

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  1. Alecia O'Brien

    One person’s best on their worst day can still be better than some people’s minimal effort on their best day. As a customer, you always have a choice of where you spend your money and deciding what your minimum standard of care/customer service you’re willing to accept. Putting this out there helps us all strive to do better at whatever it is we do!

  2. The Current

    In reply to Lynne Yantha:

    Thank you for reading The Current and for taking the time to provide feedback. We agree with you that there are “many excellent contractors in our area” and did not suggest otherwise. We also agree with you that we are witnessing a growth spurt in the Valley this year and many residents have positive experiences. See, for example, An Outsider’s Perspective.

    We’re sorry you felt that the Manners article was misleading and lacks “positivity.” As was the case with the social media discussion that triggered our article, it obviously targeted those who are letting down the Valley reputation for good service. However, in order to avoid any impression that we were targeting all local trades, we have changed the title to add the word “Some.”

    Although some complaints referred to in the article, including our own, predate “these difficult times” we hope you will agree that there is never an excuse for bad manners.

  3. Lynne Yantha

    Wow. This is super negative, highly misleading-leading, and way too generalized. I usually like your articles, but this one? No, sorry. In these difficult times, please focus on positivity! We have many excellent contractors in our area, and I would venture to say that, this incredibly busy year, many are stressed beyond belief! Most are doing their very best.

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