Possible COVID-19 exposure at Bent Anchor Sept.1-6

Received from the Renfrew County and District Health Unit on Sept.11:

Today, Renfrew County and District Health Unit (RCDHU) is investigating a possible exposure to COVID-19 at Bent Anchor Bar and Restaurant. An individual who tested positive for COVID-19 provided service at Bent Anchor Bar and Restaurant in Combermere, Ontario on September 1 to 6, from 3:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., during their contagious period.

All individuals who attended the Bent Anchor Bar and Restaurant are advised that they may have been exposed to COVID-19. Individuals who attended the establishment should self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 until September 16, 2021. If you become symptomatic, you should immediately self-isolate and seek testing, even if you are fully vaccinated.

As the Bent Anchor Bar and Restaurant is a seasonal establishment, it has closed for the season. However, RCDHU continues to work closely with the owners of the establishment to obtain contact information for patrons and staff who may have been exposed.

To book a COVID-19 test with Renfrew County Virtual Triage Assessment Centre (VTAC) visit https://rcvtac.ca/. If you cannot book online call VTAC at 1-844-727-6404. Click here to view the public testing schedule (September 13-17).

RCDHU is reminding residents to complete the COVID-19 self-assessment tool or COVID-19 school and child care self-assessment tool daily before going to work, school or daycare, to monitor for symptoms and proper guidance. For more information, visit RCDHU’s website at https://www.rcdhu.com/novel-coronavirus-covid-19-2/ or call 613-732-3629 or 1-800-267-1097.

RCDHU Communications(2021,Sept.11) Possible COVID-19 Exposure at Bent Anchor Bar and Restaurant in Combermere [media release]


  1. Magdalena Nowak

    What doesn’t surprise you ladies? That one person is sick? What does it have to do with others not wearing masks? They didn’t say that the person cought Covid at Bent Anchor. We were there couple of times this season and every time all staff members were wearing masks. It’s a great place and we highly recommend and can’t wait for next season!

  2. Tina Murie

    Doesn’t surprise me. No one wears masks walking around this place, so I refused to go in. I sat in my boat at the dock, my friends went to tell others waiting for us that we were not going to stay.

  3. Donna Parks

    This doesn’t surprise me. I was there with my sister-in-law and we noticed the bartender and kitchen staff were not wearing masks or any sort of face covering. We didn’t finish our meal and left. The health unit really needs to do more to clamp down on businesses allowing the rules to be broken

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