Madawaska Valley remains under Total Fire Ban

firemeter-totalWith the present hot, dry and windy weather conditions, please remember there is still a Total Fire Ban in effect in the Madawaska Valley. CAO Sue Klatt emphasized this point to The Current after a meeting of the Recreation, Heritage and Culture Committee today. Municipal staff will be posting additional notices for the benefit of residents and visitors. Despite the ban, MV Fire Department and MNRF were called out several times during the past week.

What’s a Total Fire Ban? For your convenience, this means:

  • NO campfires
  • NO cook-outs using charcoal or wood-burning barbecues
  • NO fireworks
  • NO burning of brush (permits are suspended during the ban)
  • In short, NO open flames

If you’re planning to visit Algonquin Park, a Total Fire Ban has been announced throughout the Park starting today. This means campers and day trippers may NOT cook over an open fire. However, portable gas and propane stoves and barbecues are still allowed. Park staff will be patrolling to ensure no illegal burning takes place.

The ban stays in place until further notice. Even if any rain falls, remember that the ban continues until you see official notification that it has been removed so always check the municipal website and roadside signs.

Readers are reminded that illegal burning in the Township of Madawaska Valley contravenes By-Law 2013-04.  In addition to a fine of up to $1,000 anyone setting an open fire in the Township will be responsible for any damage to property and injury to persons caused by the fire. In addition, they will be liable for costs incurred by the Fire Department including personnel, equipment, outside agency assistance and apparatus called in to extinguish the fire.

Editor’s note: Since Chief Fire Official Corwin Quade imposed the Total Fire Ban in Madawaska Valley, the Fire Department has been called to extinguish numerous fires. Click HERE for a letter from Eileen Fay of Barry’s Bay that explains why she has taken action herself.

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