Concerned Valley resident posts own fire ban sign

Handmade fire ban sign (Photo submitted)

Dear friends and neighbours,

Last week following the fire at my neighbour’s cottage, I produced a leaflet explaining what a total fire ban means. Although this fire was the result of sheer stupidity (according to the Chief Fire Official it was caused when guests discarded charcoal from a barbecue), I was concerned that maybe other neighbours were not aware of the fire ban or its implications. This proved to be the case as to date there were eight families on Tamarack Road alone who were unaware and had failed to see the Township’s signs.

Township signage does exist, I understand from the Mayor, on the entrance to Ohio Road — but not Chippawa Road. However this signage too has proved to be totally inadequate as our neighbour (whose cottage on the Madawaska overlooks Ohio Road) reported seeing numerous camp fires burning on that side of the river, just hours after the fire on Tamarack Road had been extinguished.

Clearly something was amiss here so I expressed my concerns to the Mayor and requested more prominent signage, particularly on roads that have large numbers of seasonal cottages. I also asked for more proactive policing of the fire ban. I understand from the Mayor that there is no funding to accommodate either of these requests and that their current efforts should prove adequate.

I then spent my own time and money producing the sign which now stands at the entrance to Chippawa Road. I have asked friends and neighbours to forward  my information leaflet to any  neighbours and friends if they think this would be helpful.

Acts of God we cannot prevent but let’s minimise the human factor.

Best wishes and keep safe.

Eileen Fay

Barry’s Bay


  1. David Henstock

    In response to my email to the Fire Chief I was assured that signs had been ordered but delayed in their delivery. I do agree that surrounding Townships are doing a better job in announcing the fire ban so in spite of the Mayor’s comment, these other Townships have found a way of funding this expense!!

  2. Gil Glofcheskie

    McMaster lake had the same problem . Some had started fires, others were unaware of the fire ban . Those that had fires put them out immediately . The bush and ground is very dry and it would not take much of a spark to start a fire .
    Looks like we need more serious warning signs .
    There are always some who just do not care, thinking they know better.

  3. Kristin Marchand

    I hope more signage appears in the Township of Madawaska Valley. We drove to Madawaska yesterday and there are large red signs as soon as you enter South Algonquin and also as you enter the town of Madawaska itself. Not in our area. No wonder people don’t know there is a fire ban. One small sign that indicates the range of fire burning when you enter Barry’s Bay.

  4. Jane Smith

    Wouldn’t the fines levied against the offenders be adequate to cover the proactive policing. At the very least the proactive policing would certainly be less expensive than the alternative…..

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