Wilno Heritage Society has new 20-year lease

Mayor Kim Love at Wilno Heritage Park on Canada Day (Photo submitted)

On July 6 1998 the Townships of Sherwood, Jones and Burns entered into an initial 20-year land lease with the newly formed Wilno Heritage Society (WHS). Reeve Bob Mitchell signed on behalf of the township and David Shulist and Diane Malone for the WHS.

The land that was once the Wilno Railway Station would be developed into a Heritage Museum and Park commemorating the history and development of Canada’s First Polish Settlement.

Today the WHS proudly boasts a beautiful and mature Polish Kashub Heritage Museum and Park with historic buildings and artifacts. Several thousand people visit the site annually to attend festivals and events, and tour and learn the story of our immigrant ancestors.

On Sunday July 1 2018, Canada Day, Township of MV Mayor Kim Love greeted those gathered to celebrate Canada’s 151st birthday at the Wilno Park. She expressed her sentiments for the day saying,

Canada is the product of diverse peoples committed to common values. A country that is proud of its past, and confident of its future – a country that draws its strength from its people.

She commended the WHS and its accomplishments.

Wilno Heritage Park is a perfect example of having a dream and then committing to the hard work it takes to realize it.

Mayor Love and the current executive of the WHS then took the opportunity to have a brief photo session featuring the newly agreed upon 20-year lease for the property. Mayor Love signed for the township and Peter Glofcheskie and Ed Chippior for the WHS. The new lease virtually triples the property size as compared to the 1998 lease. The WHS remains responsible for all property expenses: insurance, upkeep and maintenance, building construction and services.

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  1. Linda Neuman

    Great news! The WHS has worked very hard over the years to build what they have today! Happy to hear that they have another twenty years. Congratulations on an excellent job well done!

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