Correction to article on carbon monoxide poisoning

In the headline and its report published on February 5 2020, The Current referred to the ice resurfacer at the Paul J. Yakabuski Community Centre as a “Zamboni.”

Although the article itself also described the equipment as an “Olympic Ice Resurfacer (Zamboni),” it has been drawn to The Current’s attention that describing it as a “Zamboni” is incorrect as that is the brand name of resurfacing equipment made by a different manufacturer. The Current understands that it is common for members of the public to describe all such ice resurfacers, irrespective of manufacturer as “Zambonis,” in the same way, for example, that facial tissue is referred to as “Kleenex” even when not manufactured by Kimberly-Clark. This generic use of the brand name is confirmed in an email to Madawaska Valley from Zamboni.

The Current is happy to publish this correction for the record and regrets any confusion this error may have caused.

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